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The EcogenO Genomic Platform supports you in all your sequencing projects (NGS), from libraries to primary bioinformatics analysis. The platform also provides many other services related to high-throughput transcriptomics (smartchip Takara system), nucleic acid controls of all sizes and single-cell technology.

The platform therefore offers you its activities in genomics project management (CPG) and equipment provision (MAD), the latter allowing you to directly access our equipment at these rates.

The platform is physically located on the Beaulieu campus (Rennes).
For more information and requests, please refer to contact/address.

Why choose the platform?

The platform ensures reliable quality control of your samples at every stage of your projects, as well as good traceability.

It benefits from its experience and the implementation of a quality management system in order to meet quality requirements. These guarantee our ability to provide a product that meets your expectations and our commitment to your satisfaction, particularly through the implementation of a continuous improvement process.


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